6 Anti Cellulite Exercises

6 Anti Cellulite Exercises
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Today, we are presenting six anti cellulite exercises. With these, you can have a backside that can be proud of. That does not mean you have to do painful exercises to achieve it. Our proposals to increase buttocks and breasts are fun and effective.

These exercises will stretch the muscles of the buttocks and legs, which will create a proportionate appearance without cellulite. These exercises will improve the balance, flexibility, and strength.

All you need is a place where you can stretch (in the park, the gym, the living room). These anti cellulite workouts are less physical than the five exercises to reduce cellulite published last week, but they need a little bit more concentration.

Each exercise Repeat 8 times (2 sets), 3 times a week by one day and you will achieve unprecedented results.

First exercise – Full body anti cellulite workout

AnticelluliteexercisesSpread your legs more than the width of your hips, right leg bent and straightforward, and hands to the side. Kneel low and lift heel. With palms forward, stretch your right arm back and down. Arise and stand on the left leg. Lower you heel while you lift your right knee up. Keep hands at shoulder height, the joints should not be tight, and hands in floor direction.

Second exercise – Anti cellulite exercise for abs and legs

Anti cellulite exercises thighsSit on the ground, bend your knees, stretch your foots out and place your hands on the side. Tighten stomach to boot folded knees and form an angle of 45 degrees. Take up your arms overhead with palms inward. Turn to the right, stretching your right hand upright and the left leg through the whole body while open your legs and touching the floor with their feet.

Third exercise – Balance

Get rid of cellulite with exercisesTake a position that your hands and feet are glued to the floor. Take up his buttock as much. Then lift the left leg to get a balance. Knee bent behind you, so that you stretch the right leg and hips will lift into the sky. Return to the original position and do the exercise with change of foot. Repeat the same exercise eight times.

Fourth exercise – Anti cellulite circle

Anti cellulite exercises to reduce celluliteSit on the floor, bend your left leg back and right heel set it so it will merge with the left thigh. Stretch your arms above your head and chin point to the sky. Turn torso forward and slightly to the left. Right elbow place it on the floor in front of you, so that the left hand will remain above the head. Turn until you fill a circle with arms overhead. Repeat the same exercise eight times.

Fifth exercise – Legs spread

6 anti cellulite workoutsStand with your feet and spread more than hips. Kneel and stand on tiptoe. Tilt forward and place your right hand on the floor. Rotate the torso to the left and stretch your left hand over your head. Turn to the center, putting your left hand to the floor. Repeat the exercise until you stop and do not flatten the feet. Make eight rounds.

Sixth exercise – Stretching

Anti cellulite workoutsSet your feet so that the left will be located 2 or 3 steps before right. Raise your left leg while knelt and sloping torso forward. Distorted half hands to your chest and try to reach out to the back as much as you can. Pull your hands and with body, bend forward (see picture). Relax your arms and return to its original position. Repeat eight rounds. Then change sides.

These are one of the best anti cellulite exercises that you should try. Do not forget to share this post and subscribe for weekly updates.

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