8 Most Common Causes of Cellulite

8 Most Common Causes of Cellulite
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Cellulite is the eternal enemy of women. Millions of women around the world are taking off in front of their partner only in the dark. They fell unpleasant during summer days, and are not fully enjoying on beaches and pools. They hate the day when need to be in a bikini and wear long clothes only because of the uneven skin on the thighs, buttocks and legs.

Cellulite, or as it is also called “orange peel”, occurs in 90% of women, and rarely in men. Besides the buttocks and legs, cellulite may appear on the abdomen and arms, and it is the primary reason for reducing confidence at women.
Women are the primary victims of cellulite. “Orange peel” frequently appears at the age of 14, i.e. with puberty, and unfortunately, the situation is getting worse over time.

There are ways and methods to reduce, and in some occasions to completely remove cellulite. Young girl or middle-aged woman, you should ask yourself what really causes cellulite and find the reasons before taking any step like doing treatment or take advantage of some cellulite cream.

Prevention is always the first step when you need to get rid of something. That is why we share 8 critical things you need to be aware of if you are really keen to make your legs firm before the summer.

Remember, no single cause will completely remove your cellulite. But generally, every single will add a value.
8 Causes of cellulite

1. Poor diet on the menu

Fast food rich in saturated fat, and consumption of alcohol and caffeine, contribute to the formation of cellulite because the toxins they produce remain trapped in the fatty tissue. Although many believe that strict diets can help in removing cellulite, it is just a myth, because in such a state body thinks starving, and to compensate begins to assist the formation of cellulite. Salty food is another ally of cellulite. Salt retains fluid in the body and causes cellulite to be more visible.

Did you read our list about 5 foods that cause cellulite?

2. Smoking is not just a bad habit. It also contributes to cellulite

Smoking is not only bad for your health, but also for your appearance. The skin loses its elasticity, accelerates the aging process, and increases the appearance of cellulite.

3. Dehydration has huge impact on cellulite

Drinking enough water is essential in the fight against cellulite. It is well known that water helps the body to remove toxins. However, that does not mean that drinking lots of water alone will reduce cellulite. It needs to be combined with other methods.

4. Hormones are the unexpected factor

Hormones play a major role in the development of cellulite. Estrogen and progesterone stimulate the creation of cellulite. Estrogen affects the determination of the location and number of fat cells in the body. It encourages the growth and development of fat cells around the chest, thighs and buttocks. Progesterone may cause retention of fluid in the body and obesity. Changes in hormone levels, especially in puberty and pregnancy, contribute to the appearance of unwanted cellulite. In addition, women receiving oral contraceptive pills are more exposed to the appearance of “orange peel.”

5. Stress and tension

You may be surprised, but stress and anxiety contribute to the formation of cellulite. They make muscles tight, thereby hindering the process of purifying the body. Meditation, yoga and any sport are excellent activities for reducing tension.

6. Minor physical activity

Exercising is one of the best ways to improve the overall health and appearance, and it should never be overlooked. Physical activity improves circulation, strengthens muscles, and helps to accelerate the metabolism. It also purifies the body of toxins, and reduces stress. It is no secret that sitting causes cellulite. Most affected areas by cellulite are:

  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Arms

7. Tight clothing

Tight clothing reduces circulation and can be the reason for the creation of cellulite or to increase its visibility.

8. Genes

Cellulite can be inherited. It means if one or more family members have cellulite, you are more likely to have it too! However, that does not mean you have to be reconciled with the fact that you have cellulite. You can do many things to fight against “orange peel.”

How to speed up the process of cellulite reduction?

We know the causes for cellulite, and now will see if there are some external “powers” that can faster results.
When it comes to cellulite, you should not expect miracles, but by combining several methods, you can come to a visible improvement. Make changes in your diet, be physically active, massage affected areas, and drink enough water.

Hundreds of treatments and products promise to be the most effective cure for cellulite. While some of them really help, and others are just a marketing scam, you can never be sure which of them will help, because everyone reacts differently to different treatments.
When choosing an anti-cellulite cream, it is good to choose products containing any substances in the group of Methylxanthines. We refer on caffeine, Theophylline and Aminophylline, because research and practice show that they suck liquids and break down fat.

It is good to choose a cellulite cream with retinol, because it increases the production of collagen and makes the skin much tighter.

Cellulite does not disappear overnight. It is not eradicated, but if you ignore it, the problem will become more and more visible. Start to take measures in time knowing the causes of cellulite, and be proud with your body when the real moment comes.

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