Acoustic Wave Therapy For Effective Cellulite Treatment

Acoustic Wave Therapy For Effective Cellulite Treatment
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A new generation of cellulite treatment for cellulite removal is going to be a step above the rest. A new type of therapy against cellulite is acoustic wave therapy (AWT), that so far the most promising in this field.
Acoustic Wave Therapy is currently recorded dizzying success in Europe and America, and is an absolute hit thanks to its excellent results.
The desire to look better is getting more compelling these days. This goes in parallel with the search for new and more attractive methods or means to stop and turn back the clock of time.
When it comes to cellulite, the list of options for removing it is impressive. Logically, in this case one can ask:
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What is the best way?

There is no doubt that such claims have quite a number of technologies and companies. Recently, however, a new serious his way and stood out among the rest – acoustic wave therapy.

Why is it so hard to remove cellulite?

It is difficult because cellulite is affected by many factors such as genetics that determine skin elasticity and circulation, poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, elevated hormone levels and weight. They all lead to the accumulation of fat beneath the skin, which is enclosed by fibrous connective tissue in the form of deposits. This impedes blood circulation and occurs fluid retention, landfills swell as more, and more blood vessels are pressed, i.e. gets something like a vicious circle. Gradually fibrous strands become less elastic and shorten, pulling the skin at certain places and so gets all nasty “orange peel.”

One statement is important that not all body fat is necessarily a cellulite, but only the most superficial located. And exactly the most superficial layer of fat the least affected in weight reduction. Moreover, it turns out that, contrary to previous beliefs that weight reduction and cellulite treatment are two separate issues.

What are the advantages of acoustic wave therapy?

acoustic wave machine (transmiter)AWT at this stage is unique and it has been shown in many studies that operate simultaneously on two main elements of cellulite – altered connective tissue fibers and protruding fat deposits. It is among top cellulite treatments that work today.

How does this therapy act exactly?

The effect is obtained by the specific action of the acoustic waves. They are mechanical or shock waves, emitting like pulses and create vibrations. Vibrations attack fibrous strands around fatty deposits under the skin. It is a technique of loosening and breaking the fibers and releasing of fat, water, and toxins. Simultaneously stimulate the production of very active and healthy new collagen fibers and gradually restores elasticity and strength of the skin. Through waves accelerates blood circulation and so much more oxygen and nutrients to reach these areas. The end result is a much smoother and tighter skin. Losing inches of circumference is rather minor, but in most cases there. Ultimately disappearance, and even reduce cellulite have a miracle in itself.

Acoustic wave therapy for cellulite before and after

Female patient aged 38, 67 kg extremely week connective tissue – 6 therapies

Who is suitable for acoustic wave treatment?

Since the procedure is completely non-invasive, virtually everyone is a good candidate for it. However, it is important to know that the best results are obtained in healthy subjects and those with near perfect weight.

Effectiveness of this cellulite treatment

Most effective is the procedure for areas such as abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips (love handles) hands. Significantly improves skin after liposuction. Acoustic waves works best for women who are not overweight, but have cellulite.

On what interval is the procedure?

Recommended Course of eight treatments (2 weeks). A procedure lasts 20 to 40 minutes depending on the area, and then there is only a slight redness. You can start to enjoy smooth skin even after the third or fourth procedure, improvement continues even 3 months after the last treatment. Logically, in order to maintain good results as long as possible requires maintenance, but it is not binding, as done once in 3 months.

What else can be treated with acoustic waves?

Besides being anti-cellulite treatment, acoustic waves are effective and reduce stretch marks, accelerate wound healing, improve the condition of scars, and help in other visual and non-visual corrections.

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