Prevent Cellulite With These 10 Tips

Prevent Cellulite With These 10 Tips
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Most women worry about cellulite even with the release of the first sun rays, because the spring and early summer are the ideal time to bring the body into shape and prepare for a season of discovery.

There are several ways to get rid of cellulite, but of course favored are those under home conditions, not just because they’re not expensive as professional cellulite treatments, but because there are additional health benefits when doing that on old way.

Here are 10 tips on how to protect the body of the intruder called cellulite:


  1. Watch your fluid intake. It is best to drink plain water. It is a good solvent and helps in the exchange of substances, and also rejects toxins.
  2. Replace coffee with tea herbs (against cellulite is best to drink nettle tea because it stimulates the circulation and detoxification of the body).
  3. Try to consume only fresh food and make sure your menu to consist fruits and vegetables.
  4. Increase your intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C (fruit fresh squeezed juices), potassium (banana, peach, orange  …) and sulfur (protein food) because these kinds of products reject harmful substances, and thus wins cellulite from the inside.
  5. Avoid over spicy food. Salt has the ability to retain water, which is one of the main causes of cellulite. If you want to find out more, read the article about foods that cause cellulite!
  6. Allow your body a regular cleaning that can be stimulated by healthy diet and plenty of fluids (herbal teas) or fruit that has fibril fiber, all accompanied by plenty of fluids.
  7. Daily take at least half an hour for exercise, and doing encourage metabolism to run faster. The exercise is a primary means of internal hygiene. In these hot days swimming is considered an ideal exercise for cellulite prevention.
  8. Provide enough oxygen to the body, preferably with a walk in nature. Allow the skin to sweat.
  9. Occasionally, gently massage the critical areas. Massage stimulates circulation, thereby reducing cellulite. Given that cellulite is 3-5 mm below the skin, there is no need for harsh pressing and squeezing. Massage should never excessively hurt.
  10. Allow yourself enough time to relax. It is believed that cellulite is due to stressful lifestyle, so you should dedicate an hour to yourself each day. Make relaxing atmosphere with beautiful music, some meditation, full bath with water and a little sea salt.


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  • adrian jones -

    With the cause of cellulite being directly tied to the condition of the muscle layers – the only proven way to reverse it is through a targeted and focused exercise routine that stimulates muscle toning, firming and lifting , ultimately, getting rid of cellulite.
    There is as an Anti-Cellulite Diet But it’s not really a “diet”… It’s more like a nutrient dense, high quality way of eating (NOT for weight loss).
    All these are very well explained in the excellent reference written by Joey Atlas called “Truth About Cellulite” which can be found at : cellulitetreatment. pw

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